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1. What household solar batteries can do?

① Store the surplus energy and output during peak time

② Save your money from the peak and valley electricity

③ lower carbon emission.

2. How to choose suitable battery for my house?

If your inverter is 5000w, you can choose at least 51.2V 100ah with 100A bms.

If you want more storage energy, you can choose bigger one(200ah) if your inverter is 8000w or 10kw, you need to choose at least 51.2V 200ah with 200A bms

3. Can we putLithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery pack in parallel or series by ourselves?

YES, but the batteries should be in same voltage and capacity, or it will influence the cycle life of the battery pack. Also you should tell us and we will match them before delivery. Before handling the battery, check the voltage of each battery is necessary.

4. Can these battery pack be compatible with my inverters?

Yes, our battery pack can be compatible with most brands of inverters on the market.



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